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Denny Di Vita:  New concepts in Tissue wet pressing
Ilio Batini: Improve your Tissue rewinding process with the A.Celli E-WIND


Michaele Ghibellini: New approach to the refining in tissue. EFP® – Extra Fine Pattern® to treat the lowest refining intensity.


Mauro Della Santa: New Generation of TISSUE INTERFOLDING LINES
Energy saving and efficiency increase are the goals achieved by IM Converting engineering team.


Giampiero Squaglia: New generation of Hood and air system.


Alexander Lecheler: Kawasaki introduction; Gas Turbine Application in the Paper Indystry
Paolo Schieppati: Gas Turbine Integrated with a Yankee Machine – A Case Study


Andrea Acciai: new developments in coating technology


Marco Gallazzi: When the automation keeps the life easy in a rewinder cutting system.


Guido Finockki: How to choose converting lines? From a line dedicated to just one category, to Swing lines for the production of toilet paper and Kitchen towel with quick changeover. Maxima offers also ALL MAX the solution for toilet paper, kitchen towel and Industrial rolls.


Dino Della Fina: Who we are, what we do and how we can help you.
Andrea Corradi: Case History – Design of a low – budget tissue line;
Simple stock prepation system and basic water treatment.


Maurizio Tomei: Doctoring and dewatering solutions for the tissue paper industry, two case studies:
Flexible innovation in Yankee doctor -OraCrepe Next + overhaul of Hule boxes for a tissue machine.


Giorgio Mesaglio: New metal coating generation for the Yankee, materials and rugolisty. Press cover: rubber or polyurethane?
Diffferent solutions available for every needs

Within the frame of Cove Rotana

We had good time together not only professionally but personally too

Dear Mr.Gabriele,

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Symposium Procarta 2023 for the Tissue Industry, and it exceeded all my expectations. This four-day event, held at the COVE ROTANA RESORT in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, brought together professionals working in tissue production processes for a comprehensive program of learning, networking, and idea sharing.
The symposium provided a platform to discuss the latest developments in tissue paper production processes, covering a wide range of topics such as new concepts in tissue wet pressing, refining in tissue, machine lubrication, developments in coating technology, and more. The lineup of speakers, including experts from renowned companies like RIF, FOMAT, MARE, MARIO COTTA, and more, ensured that the presentations were insightful and informative.
One of the most valuable aspects of the event was the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals and subject matter experts. Engaging in discussions and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals in the industry was truly inspiring and created an environment conducive to building strong personal connections.
The organizers Procarta FZE under the leadership of Gabriele Neri, demonstrated excellent attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the symposium was well-organized and seamless.
The Symposium Procarta 2023 for the Tissue Industry, provided a valuable platform to stay up to date with industry advancements, learn from experts, and expand professional networks. I left the symposium feeling motivated, enriched with knowledge, and equipped with new ideas to enhance my work in the Tissue Paper Industry.

Aejaz Ahmed Munshi

General Manager, Star Paper Mill Industry

Firstly, I would like to commend the organizers for putting together such an insightful and engaging symposium. The choice of topics and speakers was exceptional, and it was evident that care full thought had been put into curating the program. The variety of sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the subject matter, and I found myself enriched with new knowledge and perspectives.

Furthermore, the quality of the presentations was outstanding. The speakers demonstrated a deep understanding of their respective fields and effectively conveyed their ideas to the audience. The use of visual aids and multimedia elements greatly enhanced the learning experience and made complex concepts easier to grasp. I particularly appreciated the interactive nature of some sessions, which encouraged active participation and fostered meaningful discussions among attendees.

Additionally, the symposium offered ample networking opportunities. The breaks between sessions and the dedicated networking sessions allowed participants to connect with experts and professionals in the field. These interactions provided a platform for fruitful exchanges of ideas, forging new connections, and potentially fostering future collaborations.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the symposium, I would like to offer a suggestion for improvement. it would be beneficial to have more hands on workshops or interactive sessions that allow participants to apply the knowledge gained during the event. Practical exercises, case studies, or group activities can provide a deeper level of engagement and reinforce the learning experience.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my gratitude to the organizers for their hard work in arranging such a successful symposium. I believe it has made a significant contribution to advancing knowledge in the field and fostering a sense of community among the attendees.

Once again, thanks you for organizing this symposium and for providing a platform for intellectual growth and networking. I look forward to any future events you may organize, and I am eager to continue participating in the exchange of ideas.


PM-3 In-charge, Crown Paper Mill LLC

“Dear Pro carta Team ,

I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the team- Gabriele Neri, Anastasia, Selwyn, and Suleyman- for the outstanding symposium organization. The covered topics were extraordinarily important that would help a lot in developing our process. Not to mention the great opportunity to meet with the experts of esteemed and reputable companies in the paper industry.

Hope to continue our fruitful cooperation and regards.


Ibrahim Abdullatif Lamood

Operation Manager ( Elec.Dep), ALZEINA TISSUE MILL COMPANY

Dear Mr.Gabriele,

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional Technical Symposium organized by your company Procarta. The event was truly enlightening and provided valuable insights and networking opportunities. I sincerely appreciate the efforts and dedication of your team in making it a resounding success.
The symposium brought together representatives from various companies, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. The carefully curated program, featuring insightful speakers and engaging discussions, offered valuable industry insights and advancements.
The seamless organization, from registration to logistics, contributed to the symposium’s success, allowing attendees to focus on the enriching experience. The networking opportunities facilitated valuable connections and potential collaborations.
Thank you once again for organizing this outstanding symposium. I look forward to future endeavour’s and continuing our fruitful partnership.


Asst. Manager (Production ), Star Paper Mill Industry

We thank you all and see you again next year

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