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Contextually to the activities of grinding and coating of cylinders, whether they are suction roll – couch rolls, wet presses and Yankee press rolls, RIF is able to perform a complete maintenance and reconditioning service of the cylinder in all its components, such as suction box, Bearing housings etc. Internal Suction Box: • High pressure cleaning / overall washing • Checkout and replacement of the nozzles and sealing strips if necessary • Checkout and restoration of mechanical parts, manometers, vacuometers and pipings • Optimization/modernization for improvement of performance and lifetime • Renewal and application of protective and anti-oxidation treatment

Suction Roll
Complete Suction Roll

Complete Suction Roll

• Dynamic balancing testing
• Vibration analysis
The dynamic test run of the suction roll is a must to guarantee trouble free performance.


• Through holes cleaning by various methods, depending on hardness of deposits
• Measurement of coupling seats, restoration of interference with heads seats
• Assessment of condition of fixing bores and screws/ remachining or replacement
• Repair of damages or indentations on the inside surface
• Inside grinding of shell
Suction Shell

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